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Welcome and thanks for your interest. This is the story of ‘The Arahant’. I am the site’s editor, a Western practitioner of the Buddha’s teaching. Last year I went traveling around Asia in search of a realized monk who could show me the Buddha’s teaching directly. What I found was pretty discouraging: all the popular monasteries have become commercialized, or just presenting the religious side of Buddhism, or both. What meditation teachers there are teach some derivative system and minimize the original teaching of the Buddha in the Theravāda Suttas.

Based on previous experience with Asian spiritual traditions, I was pretty sure that somewhere back in the woods there was a realized Arahant with a handful of disciples. But people like that aren’t listed on the Internet, and I just couldn’t make the connection I was looking for.

Finally I went to Sri Lanka, and found pretty much the same scene. But after some time, I was able to get an invitation to an authentic forest tradition monastery through a friend of a friend. I found pretty much the same story there, though. Most Buddhists today are interested in rituals, few in meditation and enlightenment. There is a shortage of monks, so they are overworked and don’t have time to meditate. Consequently while they are fine people, they are rather unenlightened.

I stayed on at the monastery—at least it was clean and quiet, the monks were friendly and there was good support for my practice. After a while I started hearing rumors of a small, confidential circle of highly advanced monks and isolated forest monasteries where the original teaching of the Buddha is still practiced. It took some time, but I was able to get an introduction to one of the monks.

I visited one of the monasteries, way up in the mountains and so far back in the woods there was no telephone or electricity. There I met The Arahant. Long story short, he is a senior monk who has realized the complete teaching of the Buddha. I convinced him that the world needs his teachings very badly. Especially, he was shocked when I described what is being taught as ‘Buddhism’ in the Western countries.

Eventually, I was able to convince him to share his wisdom on the Internet. To get him to agree to this, I had to promise to keep his identity and location confidential. He does not want followers or disciples, or ‘spiritual tourists’ showing up at his doorstep. I also had to build him a stone cottage and become his assistant and apprentice. Now I am a candidate for ordination, having been put through an intense course of meditation. I have made tremendous progress under the Arahant’s direction.

Now we will begin to share his teachings on this site. Check the Recent Posts section for topics that interest you. You can post questions in the Comments, and I will submit them to The Arahant and post his replies. You can also submit queries more directly and confidentially using the form below.

— The Editor

  1. hey — WOW, sounds really interesting. can’t wait to read more. I am just home from a month in Sri Lanka, heading back later this year. I found much of what you mention but appreciated the practice of non judgement presenting itself to me around every bend.
    excited for you and eager to hear about it!
    hope to connect someday !

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s great to see your interest. Hope you can visit Sri Lanka again soon. Unfortunately we can’t accept visitors, but The Arahant does encourage questions. — The Editor

  2. Thanks for your comment: ——————————————————————————– DEPENDENT ORIGINATION V : LETTING GO OF DESIRE The arising of dukkha is due to the grasping of desires. And the insight is that there is this origin or arising and that desire should be let go of. This is the Second Noble Truth; it is the insight knowledge of letting go. Some people […]The process of Dependent Origination is completely different or the Arahant. He can start and stop it at any point at will. As Buddhadasa Bhikkhu said, it becomes a plaything in his hands.

    I agree. Dukkha or loosely translated as suffering, is life.
    We cannot escape. Letting go or surrender, is what we have to be with.
    As a Hindu and a firm believer, with my Guru , I let go at every moment. This helps me surmount and answer to the dukkha ~

    Truth will prevail..and we will realize the Boddhisatva, each and every one of us ~

  3. David permalink

    I have to ask, what gave confirmation that this monk is indeed and Arahant?

    • Hi David, thanks for your question. I shall present it to The Arahant for his response. Are you affiliated with Blue Lotus Temple? — Ed.

  4. Just like to say that I somehow overlooked your comments at Probably the huge amount of spam I get. Sometimes worthwhile entries get buried in it. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

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