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End of the Experiment

October 15, 2013

Dear Readers,

After four months, The Arahant has decided that he does not want to continue this blog. The reasons are several, but the main one is lack of participation. Only a handful of readers have submitted questions, and The Arahant feels that the benefit does not warrant the effort involved in maintaining this blog. These pages will remain indefinitely, but comments are now closed.

We thank our faithful readers, and apologize for any inconvenience. Please stay with us on our main blog,

Our main effort in presenting the Buddha’s teaching is shifting to video production. We plan an extensive series of tutorials for English-speaking people on the original teaching of the Buddha. Because of deep-seated cultural conditioning, quite a bit of material is necessary to prepare Westerners to understand the Buddha’s teaching without distortion.

We strongly recommend watching each complete series in the order presented. Each series builds on the understanding presented in the previous one. Watching the videos out of order will lead to loss of comprehension and confusion.

Here are links to our Skillful Living video series playlists on YouTube. Links to materials including slides are found below the video players for each series. As we issue new videos, these links will be kept current on our video page.

Skillful Living 1: Foundations Series [3 videos]

Skillful Living 2: Becoming Genius [6 videos]

Skillful Living 3: Being in the World [14 videos]

Skillful Living 4: Call of the Friend [4 videos]

— Venerable Buddhavaṃsa Thero

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