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More Videos Posted—Discussion Please

October 10, 2013

I uploaded four more videos to the Being in the World playlist today and there are more to come—I think 14 or 15 total. We worked hard on this series, which was originally made about a year ago when we were researching existentialist philosophy. I have updated the material and reimaged the graphic design, and added new intros and outtros.

The subject matter remains just as fresh and important as it was then; even more perhaps, now that our subsequent investigation and practice of the teaching of the Buddha has given such wonderful life-changing results.

The utility and importance of this series is that it forms a bridge between the typical western mindset and the beginning of the authentic teaching of the Buddha. The issues precisely target the typical blind spots in western thinking, and the important questions raised have no meaningful answer outside of the Buddha’s teaching.

If you find the subject matter too challenging, if it seems difficult to grasp, maybe you should take our suggestion and go through the Foundations and Becoming Genius Series for background and context before you tackle Being in the World.

We would like to see a lively discussion on this video series (and the preceding ones), as they are leading up to something very wonderful. Comments or questions, anyone?

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  1. peaceandwisdom2013 permalink

    I am in absolute agreement with a lively discussion regarding the video series.

    You may not like to hear this, but I am not having the time to watch the videos (I have not seen the videos in Being Genius yet). As you stated, the videos discuss terminology and concepts that require further research. My game plan when I watch a video is to not only watch it, but I would like to take notes, outline, pause, stop, rewatch, and do some web searches- this is the process where I will actually learn and grasp the message of the video. Although I would like to approach the videos in this way, it is indeed time consuming. I have no problem at all spending time in watching and learning from these videos, but the main point is that it will take some time before I (I don’t know about others) may post comments. Nonetheless, I consider the information on this website (Skillful Living videos included) to be very important, so I shall make the effort to find time.

    But I still have time to post my questions on The Arahant! The irony!

    • I understand; these videos are not entertainment or even edutainment—they are hard-core advanced philosophy. And they are like that intentionally. I don’t want to spoon-feed or hand-hold people anymore; either they can carry their weight in an intelligent adult discussion or I don’t have the time to work with them.

      It will take time, care and work to grasp and internalize the message of these videos. They squarely confront the actual nature of being in the world, and for the most part, it’s not easy or pleasant. We have betrayed what is most dear to our own selves and taken the burden of the world upon our shoulders. We care far too much what others think of us, and far too little about our original purposes. We pretend to be something different from what we really are because it seems more pleasant and convenient. In a word, we are inauthentic, phony.

      Think of the Buddha, what integrity and courage he demonstrated in leaving the most comfortable home surroundings and dear companions, going out alone and homeless into the world. But what a great purpose he had: to find the cause of suffering and uproot it! Actually we are all such noble and magnificent beings, but we have sold our irreplaceable selves for the approval of fools, for straw. We have given up our individuality—the only thing that is really our own—for some vague groupthink, a false designation, an abstraction made only of words. We have all the right answers, but at the price of our authentic beingness. How pathetic!

      So take your time, this work isn’t quick and easy or it wouldn’t be deep and authentic.

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