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Reader Poll: End of Another Chapter

September 28, 2013

The time since moving to the Forest Monastery seems to have flown by. In a few days, I will be given ordination as a Theravāda Buddhist monk. Our stone cottage is almost complete, and after my ordination ceremony I will be granted a permanent residence visa and stay here for the rest of my life as Meditation Master.

On the other hand, it seems a very long time ago that I first landed on Sri Lanka. My groping search for a monastic community with good heart, still following the original teaching of the Buddha seems like a dream. Being accepted into the Sangha is such a relief—no more wandering, my heart has a safe harbor at last.

So over the last few days, anticipating all the changes (moving to the new cottage, ordination and the new cinema-quality camera) I have been going through my files and setting up for the future productions we have planned. The Arahant is very closely involved in the planning of these videos, but the actual production is entirely up to me.

As I prepared to archive my work, I was surprised to find that I have shot almost 100 videos in the past year or so. I will be editing and reissuing most of this footage, along with the new material. It falls into these series:

  • Foundation Series (3 videos)
  • Becoming Genius (6 videos)
  • Being in the World (7 videos)
  • Being Integrity (8-12 videos)
  • Leading by Being (~25 videos)
  • Luminous Mind (~50 videos)

As you can see, this is a huge project. But video is the most powerful medium available, and the wonder of it is that I can do it all from my stone cottage far in the mountains. This work is such good kamma that it has made me what I am today. I want to thank all of our readers, especially those who take our work seriously and benefit from it. You are what this blog and our work with Skillful Living are all about.

Now while I was going through the files, I noticed there are several collections of materials, especially the Forest Monastery Journals, that could be issued as an e-book. There are several other possibilities, and you can also write in your own ideas in the poll or as a comment. What do you think?

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