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Foundation Series Videos

September 21, 2013

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  1. peaceandwisdom2013 permalink

    You mention that these videos provide a bridge between typical western thinking and Buddha’s teachings. These videos teach one how to learn and teaches one how to be skillful. So, this can be applied to any subject matter, including the Buddha’s teachings, correct? So, you would advise one to watch these videos prior to studying the Suttas? I actually have been reading the Suttas and posting questions if I need clarification more than watching the videos.

    • Yes, the Becoming Genius Series in particular is very valuable for self-learning any kind of skill. We strongly advise learning how to learn before attempting to parse the Suttas. Our methods are derived from the experience of highly intelligent and capable people who also attained high states of self-realization. So they are not arbitrary but specifically designed to foster the kind of intelligence required to understand the Suttas. The more effort you put into learning the study methods, particularly ontological analysis, the more you will able to profit from them.

      • peaceandwisdom2013 permalink

        I see now. I intend to thoroughly understand each video (and then ask more questions!) before progressing forward.

  2. peaceandwisdom2013 permalink

    Interesting, the Noble Eight Fold Path is also a process of becoming. But it is a process where one develops those skillful and wholesome states of mind that leads to non-clinging, emptiness, and ultimately, the relinquishment of the Path itself, culminating in total Unbinding. So, it is the process of becoming that leads to un-becoming.

    • That’s right. Our strategy with Skillful Living Network is to teach the science of becoming so that people can perfect their being in any way they desire. Once they have attained their objectives and achieved satisfaction in ordinary life, they will feel confident and competent enough to attempt the Noble Eightfold Path. There is more on this strategic approach in Thanissaro’s The Paradox of Becoming. It’s a difficult read; the opaqueness of his idiosyncratic language comes from his trying to establish an ontology and use it to build a model at the same time. We avoid this difficulty by separating the two processes.

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