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Peripheral Aspects Can’t Provide Access to Leading by Being

September 6, 2013

Tangible qualities such as domain knowledge, hierarchical position or designation as a leader describe only peripheral aspects of Leadership—the doing and having of a Leader. Peripheral aspects are what observers see when observing Leadership as a phenomenon, or at least can attribute to Leaders. For example: the traits, styles, or personality characteristics of Leaders, and what noteworthy Leaders have done in the past in various situations. A Leader’s title, position, designation, status in a hierarchical organization and decision-making powers are also peripheral—part of the doing and having of Leadership.

Unfortunately, almost all current approaches to Leadership research, education and training are unable to convey the actual essential nature of Leadership or the being of a Leader. Because they concentrate on peripheral aspects and content, they ignore the ontological aspects of Leadership. Leading by Being corrects this error by adopting phenomenological research, ontological education and experiential training methodologies from the beginning.

Being, Doing & Having 1

Peripheral aspects are the content of Leader and Leadership training. However, the peripheral aspects of Leader and Leadership provide no access to the essential nature of Leadership, and certainly, no access to actually being or becoming able to Lead by Being. This is because the Being of an Authentic Leader is internal and intangible, and thus senior to the external superficial doing and having of ordinary Leadership.

Being, Doing & Having 2

In fact, looking at Leader and Leadership from the content and peripheral aspects amounts to starting at the wrong end of the process of mastering Leading by Being. Doing and having cannot cause or beget Being; in fact, Being begets doing and having. Starting from the peripheral aspects and content (doing and having) of Leading by Being does nothing to leave you being an Authentic Leader. And what it does provide is merely imitative, unoriginal, external and superficial.

However, if you start by mastering the Being of a Leader, then learning about the content and peripheral aspects (doing and having) of Leadership can radically enhance your effectiveness as a Leader. Being begets doing, and doing begets having, such as having a title, post, position or designation as a Leader. This ontological orientation puts the aspects of Leader and Leadership in the proper ontological perspective, giving you access to the Being of a Leader. Then the doing—the actions of effective Leading by Being—occur spontaneously.

Peripheral Approach:

Having (qualities, appearances) ⇏ Doing (actions, responses) ⇏ Being of a Leader

Ontological Approach:

Being of a Leader ⇒ Doing (actions, responses) ⇒ Having (qualities, appearances)

Peripheral & Essential.006

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