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Being Genius

September 5, 2013

In a discussion the other day, The Arahant noted that my style of learning is markedly different from most people. Afterwards, I approached him with the idea to analyze and share my learning style. He agreed, and the result is a new video series on Being Genius.

The dictionary defines genius as:

noun: Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. A person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect: ‘a musical genius’.

I never considered myself a genius, but a person of average intelligence (I know quite well how derpy I can be sometimes). But I do work hard and methodically, and most of all, once I decide to do something I can be very… persistent. Some people may prefer to call it ‘hardheaded’. But in any case I don’t give up easily.

The Arahant called it ‘intuitive intelligence’, but once I thought about it, I decided to call it Being Genius. I know that others have already used terms like Superlearning and even Hyperlearning, but as far as I have seen, their approach is broad but shallow, whereas mine is focused and deep. Therefore I am defining it in my own way:

Being Genius utilizes techniques derived from the teaching of the Buddha and other spiritual disciplines, as well as advanced concepts in science, education, ontology, semantics, software and systems theory, to learn any subject so thoroughly that it results in a permanent change in being, and one can make original contributions to the subject at an advanced professional level.

I realized that I could divide my method of Being Genius into four stages:

  • Duplication: making an exact copy of the source
  • Understanding: systems thinking through logic
  • Analysis: contemplation of abstract relationships
  • Metacognition: realization of new state of being

These four stages have additional correlations:

  • Duplication: mental level (words & symbols)
  • Understanding: intellectual level (logic)
  • Analysis: ontological level (meaning)
  • Metacognition: ontic level (being)

Obviously, Being Genius is a deep subject. But we feel it is necessary to cover it before going further in our presentation of Leading by Being, because it will increase the ability of our readers to get the maximum benefit from the extensive material we plan to publish.

Now here’s a treat: a sneak preview of Being Genius 1: Duplication

Soon we will post an introduction to the whole series. We intend to put quite a bit of work into this series, and make as attractive as possible. There will be five videos, the introduction and the four stages of Being Genius.

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